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The Eight-Ball Triumph Bonneville

Sometimes you can achieve a custom look by subtracting parts and a simple paint job without breaking the bank.  The Spooky Fast Customs Eight-Ball Bonneville is a prime example!

The Eight-Ball started life as Triumph Bonneville Black.    The front and rear fenders were removed to achieve it’s simple look.  A “brat” style seat with a fender eliminator kit keep the look clean while the stock “pea shooter” exhaust was retained.  Our Spooky Fast Sprocket Cover along with bar end mirrors add custom details.

The major visual of this bike is of course the paint.  This simple paint job features a satin clear with the “8” graphic on the tank and the Spooky Fast Logo on the side panels.  What gives this bike a unique custom look is the matching satin white painted headlight bucket and black headlight ring with a red pinstripe separating the colors as on the fuel tank.

You’ll have to agree that the Spooky Fast Eight-Ball Triumph Bonneville has a high impact but at a low cost!

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