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Gulf Racing Triumph Thruxton 904

When our customer asked us to take his brand new 2015 Triumph Thruxton and turn into something special, he specified that it have the performance to match its looks.

Our vision was not only to add engine performance, but also address the handling and braking issues inherent with these bikes.  We decided early on that we wanted to use modern sportbike tire sizes to help it transition from side to side along with an upside down front fork.  We picked a Ducati 848 front fork which has the correct length along with being a quality component made by Showa.  Since we were going to switch to a 17” front wheel, it is recommended to use the triple clamps from a mag wheel Bonneville which has the correct offset for using a smaller wheel than the stock 18” one from the Thruxton.  But the problem is that “mag wheel” Bonnies don’t have upside down forks!  As luck would have it, the Ducati 848 triple clamps had a nearly identical offset as what we needed!  We modified the stock Thruxton neck to work with the Ducati triple clamps.  Next, we had to find a set of spoked wheels to keep a classic look but with modern sportbike dimensions.  We sourced a set of Alpina wheels from Italy which along with being spoked, are tubeless.  The rear is a direct bolt on for the Thruxton but with a 5.0” width while the front is meant for a Ducati Monster 1100 at 17x3.5”.  With minor spacer tweaks, the front wheel bolted right on.  These wheels are shod with Michelin Pilot Power tires with a 120/70-17 front and a 170/70-17 rear. We fabricated spacers for the Braking wave rotors in order to give them the correct offset to line up with the new radial mounted calipers.  The front brakes were sourced from Beringer in France whose components look like jewelry along with giving you superior stopping power and feel!  The twin four piston radial mount calipers are pumped by a Beringer radial master cylinder with an integral reservoir.  Out back, suspension duties are taken care of by a set of top-shelf Progressive Suspension units with piggy-back reservoirs.

After taking care of the handling department of this Thruxton, we turned our attention to the motor.  We installed TPUSA’s 904cc big bore kit along with having them port the heads.  We used the stock cams and valves in order to keep strong bottom end and mid-range performance which is the rev range that these bikes are normally ridden in.    We also installed a British Customs airbox eliminator kit to help the motor breathe along with a DynoJet Power Commander V to help meter the fuel and air.  We also installed a set of the Bonneville Performance oil coolers to clean up some of the bulk that the stock radiator provides front of the bike along with helping the engine keep a little cooler.  We custom machined a fitting to fit the oil temperature sensor to the top of the RH oil cooler.  We also used a set of TPUSA race slip-ons that we scuffed to give a brushed look and wrapped the stock headers in a natural colored wrap to keep a traditional, vintage look.  In the end, we ended up with a 14hp and 10 lbs-ft of torque increase over stock.  Click here for dyno chart.

Cosmetically, our customer specified a paint scheme that harkens back to the Gulf Racing Porsche 917s of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.  We applied the classic powder blue and orange paint over the tank, side panels and the in house custom fabricated solo tail section with custom seat.  The upper front fork tubes are anodized black along with cerakoted bottoms to match the tops of the rear shocks.  Because of the 848 front end and triple-trees, the stock handle bar was unusable.  We installed a set of SpeedyMoto adjustable clip-ons meant for a Ducati Monster.  The under the yoke clip-ons help keep the dash area clean but the adjustability helps you customize the riding position.  The custom fabricated headlight bracket also encompasses the dash which is all powder coated black in house.  Front bar-end turnsignals by Motogadget help keep the front of the bike uncluttered.  Finishing off the front end is a gloss black painted Ducati 848 front fender that looks surprisingly at home on this classically styled bike!  Out back, a Motobox LED tail light with integrated turnsignals and license plate bracket keep things clean.  Finishing touches are a set of our Spooky Fast Gripper Pegs along with our vented countershaft sprocket cover.

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